Oliva Plays Hotel is an episode of Olivia from season one.

Olivia Plays Hotel


Season 1, Episode 2
January 24, 2009
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Olivia pretends her house is a hotel during a snowstorm.


After school is out for the rest of the day due to a snowstorm, Olivia invites Francine and Julian over to her house (since their parents can't make it to their houses upon the snow), that she pretends is her own hotel. But she and her friends are interrupted by a "ghost", who turns out to be Ian wanting to scare Olivia and her two friends.

The snowstrom then makes a powercut, but the power later returns. At bedtime, Olivia's mother states that Francine and Julian's parents made it home safely, but said it was okay if Francine and Julian spent the night at Olivia's. Olivia states that they will have pancakes for breakfeast in the morning.