The Great Outdoors

  • (Opens with Olivia and her family saying goodbye to William)
  • Olivia: Goodbye, William. I'll miss you.
  • (William giggles; launches the rocket as Olivia and her family go on the rocket)
  • All: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Into the Backyard

  • All: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!
  • (They land in the pool)
  • Dad: Welcome to the great outdoors!
  • Mom: Wow!
  • Olivia: Look at that shark!
  • Ian: What does it do?
  • Dad: Watch this! (Clicks the go button)
  • (The shark moves; the family scream)
  • (They hit a lifeguard.)
  • Dad: That is how you swim in a shark.
  • All: (screaming)
  • (They land on the sand.)
  • Dad: (muffled speaking)
  • Olivia: I can't hear you, Dad!
  • Dad: (Sticks his head out) I said "Buried treasure! I'm rich!"
  • (laughing; watching a baby bumblebee fly)

Friend or Foe

  • (The sun shines bright; the family started to melt away)
  • Man: Hello, royal vistors. I'm the king of the sand.
  • Mom: Nice to meet you, your highness.
  • Dad: Can she be your duchess?
  • The King: Uh, no, but I made her a starfish.
  • (Stomping noises begin)
  • Ian: What is that?!
  • The King: Quick, hide!
  • (They hide in a castle.)
  • Dad: A monster's coming!!!!!!
  • (The Monster destroyed the castle)
  • Dad: Well, at least, no one got hurt.
  • (All laughing)

The Plays, The Thing

  • Mom: Now that your castle destroyed, what should we do now?!
  • (The King thinks; lightbulb dings)
  • The King: That's it! 
  • (Cut to a scene of a battle)
  • The King: I hear by declare this fight against Sir Ian and Lady Olivia.
  • (Cricket chirping; Dad coughing)
  • Dad: Are these your quickest steeds?
  • The King: No. The snails are my quickest steeds. But now there sleeping.
  • (The King saw something)
  • The King: Guys, look! A new castle!
  • Dad: Nice moat.
  • (All laughing)


  • Dad: Let's do it! (The car goes)
  • The King: Good luck!
  • Olivia: Thanks, your highness!
  • (A snake appears)
  • Olivia: Wow! A cobra!
  • Ian: What's it doing?
  • Olivia: It ate a frog.
  • Snake: (burping)
  • (Family laughing)
  • (Olivia and her family oohing and aahing.)
  • Dad: What is that?
  • Olivia: That's a rainbow machine.
  • (Olivia looks at her mom)
  • Olivia: It's a machine that makes rainbows.
  • (Thunder rumbles)
  • Ian: I hope they don't have that one under our control.
  • (Lightning appears)

Thunder Road

  • Ian: I wanna go home!
  • Dad: (ferocious) LET'S DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (The car goes back to the King)
  • (They hit the Rabbit's hole)
  • Ian: Sorry, Mrs. Rabbit.
  • (tires screeching)
  • The King: Quick! You gotta get to the monorail!
  • Ian: Monorail?

Up a Tree

  • The King: The best way to get to the home land is the monorail.
  • Dad: How do we get there?
  • The King: Oh, Princess!
  • (Princess the Cat appears and meows)
  • Ian: Awesome!
  • Dad: (whistles to the dog) Run!
  • (The dog chases the cat)
  • Olivia: Thanks your highness!
  • The King: Good travel...
  • (Ian hits the cat's tail) 
  • Ian: Whoa! Whoa!
  • Olivia: Hang on, Ian!
  • (Princess reaches a tree; Dog gets mad)
  • Olivia: We did it!
  • Ian: Pleech!
  • Mom: Is that a hairball?
  • Ian: How else was I suppose to hang on?
  • (Family laughs)
  • (Thunder crashes; gasping)

The Monorail

  • (Cut to the lighting hitting the monorail and letting it move.)
  • Dad: Quick, the monorail's leaving without us!
  • (They run to the monorail.)
  • Olivia: Whoa! Waaa!
  • (Olivia hangs on to the rope; her dad grabs her and gets under the underwear.)
  • Olivia: Why are in the underwear.
  • Dad: 'Cause we don't want to get turned into pants.
  • (Laughing)
  • (Back in the house, William sees his family again.)
  • Olivia: William, we got something from the outside. A berret!
  • William: (first word) Berret!
  • (gasping)
  • Mom: William said his first word, "Berret"
  • All: Hurray! Berret!
  • Dad: All right, let's head home.
  • Both: Yeah!
  • (Zoom out of the camera; snap to black)

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